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Diabetes Symptoms Leads To Symptoms Of Sexual Problems


Symptoms of diabetes related sexual problems vary according to gender and to the underlying physical problem. These symptoms may include difficulty in becoming aroused, decreased vaginal lubrication, difficulty in reaching orgasm, chronic vaginal infections and impotence.

Types of sexual problems

problems particular to women
women who have sexual problems related to diabetes may have difficulty becoming aroused, decreased vaginal lubrication, and fewer orgasms. Any woman who experiences pain during intercourse should be examined by a gynecologist. Vaginal lubricant creams or estrogen creams may improve some of these symptoms.
Women with diabetes have an increased frequency of vaginal yeast infections and other vaginal infections, which can affect health and sexual function. Report frequent vaginal yeast infections to your doctor. Although many over the counter preparations are now available to treat yeast infections, you must not treat vaginal infections without telling your doctor about them. Your doctor should be made ware of any infections. Symptoms of a vaginal infection may include an odorous vaginal discharge and itching. As with many other complications of diabetes controlling your blood sugar can decrease the occurrence of vaginal infections.

Problems particular to men
men with sexual problems related to diabetes may have problems getting an erection even though they have a normal sex drive. The medical terms used to describe this condition are impotence and erectile dysfunction. The underlying cause of erectile dysfunction must be determined by a doctor- generally a urologist, who specializes in erectile dysfunction-before it can be treated effectively. Alcohol and drug use, blood pressure medications, hormone deficiencies, psychological problems, and stress can also add to problems of this nature.
There are a number of treatment options available today to treat erectile dysfunction. Vacuum devices, penile implants, oral medications, injectable medications, medications that are inserted through the urethra, or surgery to correct circulatory problmes may be prescribed by doctors.
Retrograde ejaculation is a rare condition caused by damage to the nerves that coordinate the sequence of ejaculation. This disorder caused semen to back up into the bladder instead of being ejected from the penis. Symptoms of this condition may include the absence of sperm in ejaculation, or the presence of sperm in urine. Several medications can help reverse this problem.

Preventing sexual problems
Diabetes related sexual problems can largely be avoided through good day to day health care that includes proper nutrition and adequate exercise. These measures- as well as regular examinations by your doctor- can help keep blood sugar levels low, maintain normal circulation, and otherwise enhance your health, preventing complications.
If you have not been diligent about your healthcare and have experienced diabetes- related problems, you can help yourself by taking the preventative measure mentioned here. The majority of these problems are treatable. And once treated, their reoccurrence can sometimes be avoided by taking appropriate measures. But remember that prevention is always the best medicine.


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