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introduction my self

this blog is about my journey how i cure from my diabetic type 2 after 5 years is on me.
u cant find a fancy picture or a good video tutorial cause this blog just my journal that im moving in to a blog

im not artistic people but i love music and some time i can enjoyed abstract painting so much.

just watching the abstract painting can kill my time and im happy for that.

music i love all kind of music.but i hated when people underestimate a kind of music.we cant psuh our taste to all people but we can appreciate any kind of music as long is not


i love any kind of food, especially rendang and west sumatra or north sumatra food or aceh i love all sumatra food. i love smoking weed at high scholl.

playing computer game or console game is for killin my time at weekend i dont really like hangout drunk in the middle of crowded people it makes my head fuzzy and i’ll puke all the

time 🙁

i love going to bar just chillin hearing jazz or blues music. i hate going to club party with edm and full of crowd with they head just humming like a fakin bird

i love reading all kind of book my best book is from Tan malaka called “Madilog” first time i read that i cant understand what the fak is that book meaning of. until i read a couple a time i’m understand what is in head of tan malaka. i got a couple watches collection its not for style but for investment ,expensive watch is a good investment in my country the prices.

always up mcdonald and pizza hut my best junkfood because they always ontime i love just delivery order and not moving from my chair to eat dinner or eat lunch
i got bad habit for smokin cigaretes since high school i cant stop smokin that shit until now 🙁 i dont know what to do to quit smoking try everything but still i need smoke 🙁 my best quit smoking is

just for 7 days and it because i must bedrest at hospital because of typus just for 7 days and whn im get out from hospital i start smokin again thats all describe my self as a human

being please dont judge my bad habit 🙂 cya all in my journal post and have fun to read it </span>